Branding Iron Handle
Branding Iron Handle

Electric Handle - For Branding Irons 1.5" across or smaller - SOLD OUT


Update: We are unfortunately sold out of the Electric handles, but our brands are designed to work with Weller 80 watt handles - Easily found in hardware stores or online here: 

Designed to be used with our Custom Branding Iron tips that are 1.5" across (maximum) or smaller.

This order does not include a custom branding iron, please order one from our shop if you need one.

A handle is not included when you order a custom branding iron because the handles are interchangeable, meaning if you are a return customer you will not need a second handle.

Using this sturdy handle will allow you to heat your tip directly while plugged into a standard 110v American outlet, just remove the blank tip it ships with and install your new custom brand tip using the set screws on the sides.

The metal shaft measures approximately 5", the Handle is 5" for a total length of just under 10"

*handles ship separately from the custom branding iron tips.