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Standard Handle - External heat source required


Designed to be used with our Custom Branding Iron tips

This order does not include a custom branding iron, please order one from our shop if you need one.

The standard handles are not included when you order a custom branding iron because the handles are interchangeable, meaning if you are a return customer you will not need a second handle.

Our custom branding irons that are 1.5" across or smaller will also work with Weller WLC200 soldering irons, you do not need a standard wood handle if you plan to order the soldering iron. 

Using this sturdy handle will allow you to heat your tip with a propane torch, open flame or electric hot plate. We don't recommend heating the custom brands over hot coals.

The metal shaft measures approximately 8", the Handle is 5"

*Standard handles ship separately from the custom branding iron tips.


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