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Brass Versus Steel Branding Irons

What's the difference between Steel and Brass branding irons? Brass and Steel are two very different metals, in a nutshell, brass is a softer and yellow (gold) colored metal, it's probably the most common metal to use for modern branding irons because it is fairly easy to cut on a CNC mill. Steel is harder and grey, it's the same stuff used to make traditional animal branding irons, however those were made by blacksmiths who heated up steel and bent and shaped it with a hammer, that's why most cattle brands are very simple designs with just solid lines. The way we produce our Steel branding irons today is very different than then how they made them 100 years ago, today...

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What to expect when branding

Aside from the "tricks" to getting a good brand mark which I will explain below, there are definitely some things to consider when ordering a brand for your business or hobby. First, branding isn't perfect, a lot of times customers believe that every mark will be perfect, perhaps they've seen laser etched items and assumed those were branded, but laser etching is far expensive unless you are marking hundreds of items. Part of the appeal of a branded item is that the mark looks "hand done" and not machine made, branding typically has more of a rustic quality and this should be celebrated or even enhanced. Second, branding is a skill and does take practice and good note taking to...

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