Our Story

We are a small, family based business located in Boise, Idaho. We got our start on Etsy but have since branched out to the Web! 

Customer satisfaction is our focus and we LOVE to work with other Artisans! Nothing feels better than knowing that we are helping others to Make their Mark on their own designs!

We've been in business making various products since 2006 but have primarily focused on branding irons since 2014 and we currently have 100's of happy and repeat customers!

All of our products are designed in our studio using various 3D applications like Sketchup, Rhino and shape.js and then produced with our in-house CNC machine or 3D printer. Some of our items are 3D printed by our printing and shipping partner Shapeways.com

If you have any questions at all about our products or services please don't hesitate to contact us!

Wholesaling Program:

If you are a Leather or Woodworker that would like to add our services to your product offerings, by adding your customer's logo to your products, please contact us for our wholesale rates!