Current Prices

We try to be as direct as possible with our prices, They are not based on complexity, just the surface area of the face of the branding iron.
If you need a brand larger than 6" please contact us for a quote.

To calculate the Area we ask you to choose the Shape that is closest to the shape of your logo/design then find the price based on the largest dimension of your branding iron.

We will not modify the proportions of your design but we will scale it to fit the shape and size combination you order.

Our handles are interchangeable (and we have a lot of repeat customers) so you only need one, you'll be able to choose which handle type you'd like when filling out the order form.

To submit an order just visit the shop page.
Learn more about what to expect here

Additional Options:

(Available on the order form page by checking the appropriate box)

Deep Cut Brand (+10%) 

We double the depth of the standard brands, this is helpful if you are branding softer items like leather or hamburger buns, your brand will still work in wood but please keep in mind that small details on your branding iron will be more delicate.

Curved Brands (+10%)

We can actually curve our brands to fit cylindrical or spherical objects like handles or baseballs. We do need to know the exact diameter of your object, if your objects vary in diameter tell us the largest possible diameter when ordering.

Curved Branding Irons