Can we work with your logo or image?

The short answer is Yes!
We can start with just about anything, even a napkin sketch!
You can upload any image file or a PDF, we cannot work with powerpoint or word documents because the fonts change, so save out a static image or PDF file so it will look the same on our end.

When you fill out the order form choose to either "upload an image or sketch" or "describe my idea"

From there you will see options to enter text and upload an image (more images can be emailed to us later by reply to your order confirmation email)

Note: Please let us know if we need to "clean up your sketch" otherwise we will assume you would like it exactly as is with your handwriting etc.

Then just fill out the rest of the form and we'll take it from there. We will send a mockup for you to review in 24-36 hours typically and then we can adjust anything that needs adjusting.

Important: We recommend that text is at least 1/16" tall at the size your brand will be and that details are both 1mm thick and .5 mm apart from each other (open space). We will warn you when we send mockups if there are issues that we need to fix along with suggestions, don't worry too much though, odds are it will work!


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Have more questions? Send us a message, we try to reply twice daily during the workweek.



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