Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an instant price quote?

All of our prices are based on the Area (Length x Width) that your brand will be, so to get an instant quote just visit any of our listings and adjust the size pulldown and you'll see the price update accordingly.

How do I get my image to you?

You can upload just about any vector or raster image file when checking out at the listing page.

When my brand arrived there was weird bits of stuff stuck in it, what is that?

We polish the brands with crushed walnut shells to make them look nicer, you can either pick out any remaining bits with a needle or they'll burn off when you use your brand. Either way, they shouldn't affect your branding iron.

Hey! I ordered a handle, where is it?

We make the handles in bulk a few times a year and then use a fulfillment company to ship them out, so they won't arrive with the tips, but should show up a day or so before or after, we really do try to time it all. For instructions on attaching the tip to the handle visit this page.

How long does it take to get a custom Branding iron?

All together, about 10-14 business days. After you order, we send you a preview image via email within 24-36 hours. Once you've approved the image then we start to 3D print it. This process takes us about 7-10 business days and then we ship them out and send you a tracking number, they usually arrive about 3-5 business days in the US.

I don't have a logo, will you design one for me?

We're not really in the business of logo design, we encourage you to have a pretty good idea of what you'd like, as either an already created logo or a clean sketch that we can trace easily. We also offer a number of font, symbol and monogram options in each listing.

Do you have a phone number we can call?

We are a very small business and typically don't have the time, around making and designing the branding irons, to handle phone calls during any consistent hours. We do a pretty good job of answering any emails twice per day though. If it's truly needed we can schedule a call, but email is probably the fastest way to get an answer to your questions! Thanks for understanding!

What materials do your brands work on?

Just about anything! But please test your material first to be sure that it will accept a brand, we unfortunately cannot accept returns if you find that your object or material doesn't brand well enough. We've had customers use them on all types of wood and leather and even plastics and food items like buns, steaks and lemon rinds! If the material is very soft and you're using our electric handle you may need to adjust the temperature down with our optional temperature regulator. Some fuzzy or really soft leathers don't accept brands well and some food items just won't burn well so please test your item first. You can do this by heating up a piece of metal with a torch or other heat source and attempting to make a few clean marks.

How durable are your branding irons?

Most other custom branding irons that you can find online are made of fragile or soft materials, ours are 3D printed in solid stainless steel using state of the art technology. In fact, the same technology and materials are used to make custom automotive engine parts!