Handle and Heating Options

Don't forget a handle if this is your first time ordering a brand from us

All of our brands are designed to be held with one of our standard handles
And you can heat the tip up with any torch (we recommend a propane or MAPP torch), open flame or an electric hot plate, 
(Heating the brands with hot coals isn’t recommended but possible, just don't leave your new brand sitting too long!)

If you order a brand that is 1.5" across or smaller you can also heat the tip with an electric Weller 80 watt soldering iron.
(Most "standard" soldering irons are 20-40 watts and will not provide enough power for anything over 1/4" or so, which is why we design our brands to fit this model, typically used for stained glass window making) 

Standard Handle

Electric Handle

Traditional Branding Iron

For Torch/flame or Electric Hot Plate heating. You can add one to your brand order while filling out the quote form or they are available in our store Here

We currently don't sell torches or electric hot plates. We recommend infrared hot plates like these

For brand tips 1.5" x 1.5" or smaller

Weller 80 Watt handles can be found at most major hardware stores or they be found online Here