Minimum Text and Detail size

What is the smallest text or detail you can make?

Our software automatically warns us when the text "seems" small, but it's not perfect, every font is a bit different, your text may turn out fine, it just means that the text may not be fully legible and could blur together, in extreme cases the small lettering or details could break in production or while using your brand.

Generally speaking we can only make your brand as "deep" as the smallest detail is wide. In actuality because we add a draft angle they can go a bit deeper, but typically not more than double the thickness of the finest detail.

How do I know what size my text is?

Our software has flagged it as being 1/16" tall or smaller, but because every font and letter is unique, we can't say exactly how tall the font is, it's just generally a bit small, the best way to tell is to print your actual size PDF and measure it find an average size for the lettering.

What can we do to fix it?

The easy answer is to increase the size of your branding iron, that part is easy, just let us know the new size you'd like to see a preview at, there will be a price adjustment after you approve a final design (we'll send an invoice) we unfortunately can't re-test the text size though, you will want to double check that when your new previews arrive.

The other answer is to modify or remove the line of text in question, a lot of times this is a small web address or "Established" date or something similar. Have a look at your design and determine if you see any good ways to size up or remove any small text in the space available.
Keep in mind that If you have a really long web address, there is a good chance that people won't be able to memorize it anyhow, they'll most likely search the internet for your business name later.

Please feel free to respond to the email you received after reviewing your preview images with any design changes you would like us to make, a new image, or if you aren't sure what bit of text is too small you can of course ask!

How do I pay for a larger sized brand?

We never keep payment information on file, for your safety it is all processed by an extremely secure 3rd party, so, when we settle on all of the final changes, we can send an invoice, you pay it, we make your brand, easy as that!

You can of course still approve the preview 
as is, if you feel as though your text looks pretty clear in the preview or you believe it is right at that 1/16" mark and you are okay with taking the risk.


To view your preview images just visit our Order Status Page