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Electric Branding Iron Handle
Electric Branding Iron Handle
Electric Branding Iron Handle

Electric Branding Iron Handle



We are currently out of the electric handles but they can still be purchased from Amazon, we recommend two types:

The American Beauty model is more expensive but seems to be more reliable: https://amzn.to/2GezP6E 

The Weller model is a bit less expensive but there seems to be more issues with them burning out: https://amzn.to/2pLcQ8d 

For either handle please keep the information below in mind:

The Electric handles are only guaranteed to work with tips up to 1.25" Wide! We don't currently sell or have recommendations for soldering irons for larger tips. We do however offer a traditional handle designed to work with any size tip and a torch.

Designed to be used with our Custom Branding Iron tips

This order does not include the custom tip, if you just order the electric handle, that is all you will receive!

Using this electric handle will allow you to heat your tip easily and safely without any open flames.


We cannot offer returns for orders outside the US and Canada since the soldering irons have US style plugs and use with converters may damage them.

We guarantee the soldering irons for 60 days but can't pay for return shipping if there are issues and you need to send them back.

Custom tips will ship separately from Handles and Torches


These are Weller SP80 Soldering irons with unthreaded 3/8" diameter shaft tip openings.

We design our custom tips to have 3/8" diameter ends to fit these soldering irons.

The soldering irons get very hot and can sometimes take up to 20 min. or more to heat up a tip thoroughly. For some materials like soft or delicate leathers, or if your brand tip is very small, you may need to purchase a wattage regulator to reduce the amount of heat it puts off, we recommend the "Inland MiniPhaser Temperature Controller" These can be found on Amazon.


Remove the small screw in the side of the soldering iron and remove the tip that comes pre-installed. Slide your new brand tip into the end as deep as it will go and reset the set screw to secure the tip.

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