Electric Branding Iron Handle
Electric Branding Iron Handle
Electric Branding Iron Handle

Electric Branding Iron Handle

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Works with brand plates up to 2 square inches.  
This model is not adjustable, which makes it ideal for branding wood, but if you need to brand plastic or leather please see our model with a temperature regulator here.

Designed to be used with our Custom Branding Irons, sold separately.

Using this electric handle will allow you to heat your branding iron plate easily and safely without any open flames.


We cannot offer returns for orders outside the US and Canada since the soldering irons have US style plugs and use with converters may damage them.

30 day guarantee


These are Weller SP80 Soldering irons with unthreaded 3/8" diameter shaft tip openings.

We design our custom tips to have 3/8" diameter ends to fit these soldering irons.

The soldering irons get very hot and typically take 10 to 20 min. to heat up a tip thoroughly. 


Remove the small set screw in the side of the soldering iron and remove the tip that comes pre-installed. Slide your new brand tip into the end as deep as it will go and reset the set screw to secure the tip.

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