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Heated Press Machine - 4x5




This adjustable heated press machine accommodates branding irons and stamps up to 4" x 5" and easily heats and burns wood and leather and operates on a standard US 110V plug.

It is spring loaded and adjustable to help get a perfectly flat press over and over again.
The height is adjustable as well to accommodate items up to 7" tall.

Because the temperature is adjustable this can be used for simple unheated press embossing or any level of dark embossing/burning.

Beyond wood and leather branding, this machine can be used to emboss paper and card stock as well as gold foil stamping.

Please order at the same time as your custom leather stamp or branding iron so we can thread the stamp to fit this machine.

Please note that orders outside the US cannot be returned due to weight restrictions.

Operating instructions: Simply slide the work piece under the press and pull down the handle to apply pressure. For best results, we suggest dampening the material if possible and allowing it to slightly air dry before pressing.