Custom Leather Embossing Stamp
Custom Leather Embossing Stamp
Custom Leather Embossing Stamp
Custom Leather Embossing Stamp
Custom Leather Embossing Stamp

Custom Leather Embossing Stamp

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Make your mark!

Create beautiful embossed leather quickly and easily!

Perfect for adding your maker’s mark or for creating repeatable custom designs.

We can work with just about any logo, image or design sketch, or pick from one of our pre-designed options!
Simply submit any image or give us a link to the image you’d like us to use.
(Pro tip: search Google images for your symbol or design idea and the words “black and white clip art”)

Our prices start at $29 and are based on the shape and size you would like your stamp to be

  • Designed to work with any type of high pressure press or clamp (not included) See links below for details.
  • Made in America
  • 3D printed, durable and affordable Flat plate leather stamp made with the same material and technology as high end medical prosthetics!
  • Stamps Ship in 5-7 business days* from when you approve your design
  • Worldwide Shipping*

Production Times:
*Current production times are updated daily here

Shipping Times:
*Worldwide shipping rates and times will vary, we offer USPS and UPS options at the checkout that are automatically calculated by your location.

Press Options:
We highly recommend using a leather press that is at least as large as the stamp you order, but to use larger sized stamps with a smaller press, such as an arbor press or leather punch press, you can tape the custom stamp to your material and move the stamp and material under the arbor press, applying pressure to each part of the stamp, or use a larger steel plate attached to the foot of the press to spread the pressure.

Our leather embossing stamps are proudly made in America using a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and high-tech 3D printing and design technologies but can break if you don't apply even pressure, hammering is not recommended.

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